imagine base camp

Base Camp: (noun) A main encampment providing supplies, shelter, and communications for persons engaged in a wide range of activities. 

Imagine’s goal is to serve as your Well Being Base Camp.  Amidst busy schedules, stressful workdays, and full calendars, we offer mindful wellness “supplies, shelter, and communications” that empower the integration of Well Being in your daily life and relationships.

We are located in Northern Virginia and offer nature renewal hiking, mindful yoga, mindfulness in nature, mindful spirituality conversation groups, interfaith exploration, science learning, service opportunities, and much more.   All that we offer falls within the framework of the clinical, evidenced-based work of experts in mind/body wellness.

Our vision is to provide a welcoming community experience to equip and inspire well-being in mind, body and soul (soul – noun : the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life (Merriam Webster).

 Navigating our life journey with a sense of our values, story and purpose brings benefit to our overall well-being including mental, physical social and spiritual health now recognized by all major medical schools.

We have coined the term  Mindful Spirituality to include the cultivation of values, qualities and virtues that can be celebrated in people who do and do not believe in a higher power or God.

We celebrate an unlimited welcome to all people from every sexual orientation, gender identity, and faith tradition, including secular and humanist frameworks.

All classes and events are offered without charge as a gift of love and service (occasionally activities will include a third party fee). Teachers and event guides volunteer without pay.

We believe that the world is changed as we cultivate compassion, service and wisdom, live more aligned with our values and commit to ongoing learning in a welcoming community.  Take a look around; we hope to see you soon!