Status of the LTAHFS meetup group.

Important information regarding the long term status of the “Let’s Take A Hike From Suburbia(LTAHFS)” meetup group.

We, the organizers of the LTAHFS meetup, wanted to inform the LTAHFS community that as of March 22, 2018 we will, for the most part, no longer be posting events to this meetup.

However, all is not lost!! Far from it. What many of you in the LTAHFS community don’t know is that for several years now, we have been running two meetup groups that have basically been sisters of each other. The LTAHFS meetup and another meetup group called “Imagine” which has always been viewed as our primary meetup group.


Everything that we have posted to the LTAHFS meetup over the years also has been posted to the Imagine meetup plus a whole lot more. As you could imagine, this creates an assortment of problems and a lot of additional work in terms of hosting and running events. Toss in the establishment of our new website, which is hosting this notice, and the fact that the website uses EVENTBRITE, the time to honorably and gracefully retire the LTAHFS meetup group has long since come and gone. So MARCH 22, 2018 will be LTAHFS’s retirement date.

If you’re not already a part of our Imagine community, we sincerely hope that you’ll stop by the Imagine meetup group page and join the Imagine community there.

The LTAHFS Management Team

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