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Community Service – The Algonkian Nature Preserve(ANP) needs your help!

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Date(s) - February 1, 2017
7:00 am - 10:00 am

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Right up front, I want everyone to know that this post is not about an event I’m hosting so there is no point in RSVPing to it. Instead, it is a request to Jane & John Q. Public (that’s you dear reader… 🙂 for help in making the Algonkian Nature Preserve(ANP) a true valued resource that is in service to our community. As some of you already know, I work as a Sr. Park Ranger for NOVA Parks at Algonkian Regional Park. Several years ago, as part of my duties, I started the Algonkian Nature Preserve which is a long term labor of love of mine. You can read more about the ANP by ***CLICKING THIS LINK***. This will send you to the home page of the Potomac Heritage Trail Association. At the PHTA home page, scroll down a little ways and click on the graphic of a little girl looking through a magnifying glass.

If you feel that the ANP is something that you would like to see happen and would like to support going forward, please let NOVA Parks know of your opinions and desires. You can do this by emailing NOVA Parks directly at the following email address…


I don’t want to direct people on what to say by offering text for people to cut-n-paste. I think authenticity is more important even if it’s only a sentence or two. That said, feel free to be as expressive as your heart tells you to be. I very much appreciate your help and support.


Ron Meister
Sr. Park Ranger
Algonkian Regional Park

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