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Meditation Sit for Holiday Season

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Date(s) - December 27, 2018
7:00 pm - 7:45 pm

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A warm loving invite for this 45 minute meditation session to make the best of holiday season.

INSTRUCTIONS: All participants are welcome. We only ask for one thing and that is sincerity for your own well-being. Sincerity to practice and go deeper into the process of meditation.

1. Nobel silence: Total silence during the whole session except the guided instructions. Questions can be asked after the class. Each session will start and end with a bell.

2. The class will start with ten minutes of gentle yoga, followed by two 15-minute sits with a short break in-between.

3. Each session will have 5-minute guided instructions at the start with 10 minutes of practice in total silence. This is a must so that you can sharpen your faculty of awareness and attention to notice the workings of your mind and emotions. This a must so you can build your own muscle of mindfulness and awareness and not be dependent on anyone else.

4. We highly recommend that you practice the technique for at least 15 minutes daily at home. So that you can go deeper and find the reservoir of peace within.

EVIDENCE: Scientists and therapists (cognitive behavioral therapy) have discovered the benefits of using mindfulness meditation to:
1. Relieve stress and relaxation
2. Manage heart disease, high blood pressure, chronic pain, sleep problems, gastrointestinal difficulties.
3. Treat mood problems.
4. Help prevent depressive episode relapse.
5. Higher Emotional Intelligence.
6. Greater concentration and attention span.
7. The practice leads to equanimity, patience, resilience and non-reactivity (not non-responsiveness). You will build the ability to accept things as they are and let go the unnecessary.

• What to bring
A yoga mat and a light wraparound or blanket to keep you comfortable during the sittings.

• Important to know
Please don’t eat anything heavy an hour before the session.

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