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Non-Duality: Exploring the Intersection of Science and Spirituality

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Date(s) - February 23, 2022
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm



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For many years you may have noticed that non-duality has been slipping into our everyday lexicon and public images. Join us as we gather to explore this ancient philosophy and spiritual tradition using the practices of mindful conversation to guide our time together.

Navigating non-duality and its many iterations can be a challenge and our approach will include learning and mindful conversation. Our approach will be non-religious so all will feel welcome to participate.

This series has been designed to give you pointers that will help you understand these ancient but practical concepts. The goal is to empower you to understand and integrate some of the beneficial elements of non-duality into your everyday life.

Non-duality stems from the Hindu tradition known as Advaita (vaita – meaning dual, ad – a prefix meaning non). Originating around 900 BC through its inception in western culture, there are three popular flavors: Traditional Advaita, Modern Advaita, and Neo-Advaita, which is the most controversial.

Please join us for some or all of the events. Let us explore the mysteries of our reality through the lens of non-dual philosophy and spirituality.

This month we will look at the matter model and the consciousness model. To help prime our conversation, please watch the video at this link: https://youtu.be/JQ_srGuaPq8

You can in the youtube search see several conversations by searching “Rupert Spira Matter.” Each video will take you on various paths of exploration. Bravely listen and come prepared to have another compassionate discussion.

Larry Branch says, “A guru, or master teacher I am not.” Larry has been a student of non-duality teaching for over eight years. What he does have is an infectious curiosity for things spiritual and scientific. It is at this intersection where he found non-duality.

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