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Pop Up Serenity Hatha Yoga (as internet allows) see below

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Date(s) - July 13, 2021
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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I am traveling/camping across the country with Dave so we can volunteer teach at our daughter’s marine conservation school in Washington state for a week. We will take in the bounty of nature in Yellowstone and other national parks on the way home.

We are so grateful for this opportunity to serve and to soak in more freedom the first summer of retirement.

Watch for a “pop up” Meetup post on Tuesdays in the hour or so before yoga is to begin. I never know if I will have sufficient internet in our camping area so this is something we will try.

I trust you will continue your daily yoga practice with deep breathing and simple warm up stetches including cat and cow with breath, legs up the wall, rock the baby and yoga nidra, deep relaxation.

Instructions for Yoga Nidra

Begin on your back in Shavasana. Move through your body from the toes to the crown of the head with a slow breath in through the nose. Hold the breath while tightening the muscles in each area of the body. Then release the breath and body with an open mouth and sigh.
When this is complete you will keep the body still and return the breath to normal.
Now mentally relax the the body more deeply with a scan from the toes to the crown of the head. Witness your relaxed body, witness your quiet breath, witness your thoughts with kindness returning to the breath. Witness your inner peace and soak in this relaxation and quiet.

Take some time in silence then begin to move your fingers and toes, arms and legs. Roll onto your right side cradling your head in your hands.
Receive the serenity to accept the things you cannot change and control. The courage to change the things you can and the wisdom to know the difference.
Come to a seated position bringing your hands to heart center and repeat the blessing “Namaste”.

OM Shanthi, dear friends…you remain in my heart as we journey,

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