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Thanksgiving @ Bear’s Den

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Date(s) - November 22, 2018
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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*** This event is happening, rain or shine! ***

Thanksgiving @ Bear’s Den
Thursday November 22, 2018
$10 per participant, $5 per additional guest (to cover cost of Lodge rental)

My favorite Thanksgiving memories are of those spent with friends in cabins owned and maintained by the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club. In those days we would pack in gear and supplies to that year’s designated Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) log cabin which was outfitted with a wood-burning stove, a local spring for fetching water… and of course an “outhouse.” The contrast of the outdoor cold (while hiking or chopping wood) to the inviting cabin interior filled with the warmth of fire, food and friends was delightful and made us all the more grateful on Thanksgiving Day.

Bear’s Den Lodge, adjoining the “Roller Coaster” section of the AT, is also owned by the PATC. This is an invitation to a Thanksgiving Day celebration hosted inside and outside of this wonderful stone structure. The Lodge is not as primitive as the CCC cabins being that it provides electricity, plumbing, heating (besides the very large fireplace) and spacious living/dining/kitchen areas.

We hope to accommodate a wide-ranging group of interesting individuals reflecting the diverse society and community we are all gratefully a part of. Singles, friends, couples, families are all welcome here to share their gratitude and warmth with others. Here we will place focus on our similarities, what brings us together.

What we will do:
There will be no firm plan or schedule. Participants can arrive and leave during the period that the Lodge is “ours,” technically 9AM-4PM. We will aim to share a Thanksgiving meal around 1PM. During our time together we will be free to socialize, visit the AT overlook, take a ramble or a stroll on the trail north or south from the overlook and otherwise enjoy shared experience. We will be mindful of all others we encounter during our stay and to leave the state of the Lodge and it’s surrounds the way we found it or better.

What we will bring:
Food. We will share. All types of food are welcome. [I will be offering a whole turkey as my contribution.] The Lodge kitchen is fully-equipped, so reheating and even preparing dishes from scratch is a possibility. You are encouraged to use our online spreadsheet to provide your participant information and what shared food you intend to bring. [Please only click in the fields for the one participant row that will represent you.]
Clothing. Dress for the weather. No matter the forecast, it’s best to prepare for all eventualities.
Contribution. We ask that each participant contribute $10 toward the Lodge rental fee at the time of arrival.

What we will not bring:
Dogs. Though leashed dogs are permitted on the property and the AT, pets of any kind are unfortunately not allowed within the Lodge itself.
Alcohol. Imbibing alcohol is not allowed in the Lodge, but we can enjoy wine or similar outdoors at the overlook.

Where we will park:
The large, lower parking lot. Please use this parking lot for the day and then walk up the remainder of the road to the Lodge itself.

Who is responsible:
We are all responsible. But of course I am technically the POC that is on the hook for ensuring things go as “planned,” that attendees’ concerns and needs are addressed, that conditions promote the safety and health of all and that the Lodge property remains in good condition during and at the end of our stay. I know that others will step up to assist and advise as they see fit. This is very much appreciated.

Respectfully, your host,
Larry Parsons

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