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The Mindfulness Solution to Stress and Anxiety – free 6 week class

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Date(s) - January 10, 2016
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

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The Mindfulness Solution to Stress & Anxiety Many of us struggle with unwanted stress and anxiety to the point that it often negatively impacts the quality of our lives. This six-week class introduces the practice of mindfulness as a pathway to providing relief from stress and anxiety by teaching us to live more fully in the present moment rather than resisting our experiences with self-criticism and judgment. 

Mindfulness practice has a proven track record of reducing the effects of many emotional and physical challenges, ranging from depression and addictions to asthma and diabetes. In fact, scientific research shows that practicing mindfulness consistently for only 30 days can reduce stress, anxiety, and physical pain and improve overall well-being by actually changing the neuropathways in our brains. 

Come join us in an adventure that will surely change the way that you relate to stress and anxiety in your lives. 

Bob Lawrence has lived in northern Virginia for twelve years balancing a busy career, commute and family life.  He has completed two formal Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction classes and has been an imperfect mindfulness practitioner for a number of years. In his own practice Bob has experienced not only relief from stress and anxiety but also has learned a new way living in the world with greater acceptance and compassion. He is excited about sharing his experiences with others and confident that in just six short weeks they too will discover the benefits of mindfulness.

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