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Wednesday Dinner, Dancing & Fellowship

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Date(s) - February 14, 2018
5:45 pm - 9:30 pm

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** Please read the entire post so you understand some important details.
** In the past, the fact that the optional happy hour gathering and the
** dance lessons are at different locations has lead to some confusion.
“There is a reason human beings have been dancing ever since they discovered fire and invented drums. It’s good for your soul, great exercise, develops better balance, promotes muscular coordination, wards off dementia, and you’ll get your recommended quota of at least 6 daily hugs.”

Come join us for happy hour, social dancing lessons and great fellowship. To start out, we’ll meet at Jimmy’s Old town Tavern (697 Spring St. Herndon VA) at around 5:45 for happy hour and or dinner. Look for Fred my dancing mannequin(wooden – about 12in tall) on the table. Well… Fred doesn’t actually dance he just poses. Anyway, you’ll know it when you see him:-).

Then at around 6:45, we’ll take a short walk or drive to the Herndon Senior Center (873 Grace St # 1, Herndon, VA 20170). If you’d like to skip the happy hour get together and meet us at the Sr. Center at 7pm, no worries. Just be sure to wander up and say hi so I know you’re from the meetup.

Mike Bailey, who runs the Wednesday evening social dancing event at the senior center, has graciously extended a personal invitation to all the folks in the Imagine meetup group to join him on Wednesday evenings to learn how to social dance.

I just want to be clear. These events are group lessons with a little bit of open dancing sprinkled in. Mike spends a fair amount of time talking about what people should be doing with their frame, connection, hands, feet ect ect. If you’re just looking to go dancing without all the instructional talking, it might be best to try another meetup.

****DANCE INFO****
Just found out that the dance focus for February will be 2 step.

In spite of being a beginner, I’d like see if there are any other social dancing wannabe’s out in Imagine or LTHFS other then myself and this seemed like a good way to find out. Given the instructional, lesson oriented nature of these Wednesday events, you’ll be practicing with lots of different partners of varying ages. I happen to be in my mid 50’s and I’m sure there are lots of 70 year old ladies who could swing dance circles around me and I plan on learning everything I can from them. All levels are welcome from beginners, like myself, who really don’t know what they’re doing, to seasoned veterans. I do plan on hosting events that are to formal dance halls such as the old Spanish dance hall in Glen Echo MD (https://glenechopark.org/spanish-ballroom). We’ll consider those events graduation dances :-).

A few quick pointers for Social Dancing newbies like me:-)

Make sure you wear shoes that allow your feet to turn easily. Street shoes with smooth leather soles, sneakers with duct tape, or suede patches that are designed to glue on the bottoms of shoes to convert them to dance shoes.

Ladies need shoes with heels, not just straps, so they can step backwards without their shoes slipping down.

Mike offers these Wednesday lessons for free but he does take donations and asks that you consider making a small donation of a few dollars to help offset the cost of music purchases, sound gear and the quarterly Pot-Luck Dinner/Dance Nights. Well worth it in my opinion.

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