Hiking and Nature Renewal


Well Being in Nature

When we get closer to nature—be it untouched wilderness or a backyard tree—we do our over-stressed brains a favor.” This Is Your Brain on Nature, NatGeo January 2016

These gatherings are for people who love to hike, walk, and connect to the beauty of nature while experiencing lessons found only in the great outdoors.

We are about building intentional community with others who enjoy the renewal in mind, body and soul that that mindfulness in nature invites within the evidenced-based tradition.

Check out this two minute video from Nat Geo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHkOk5gaxsM

We offer a variety of levels of hikes in the NOVA region, Algonkian Nature Preserve, Shenandoah National Park and on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia.

We offer and host a series of hikes with a focus on the therapeutic benefits of “forest soaking” similar to those found here. We may also include hiking, yoga and meditation on special day retreats at Blueridge Summit Retreats near Bluemont, VA.

Participants will discover how hiking with others in nature can enhance health and help reduce stress in mind, body and soul in ways that prepare them to live everyday life in a more wholehearted way.

Here are a few articles we love that reflect the wide range  benefits of nature renewal!

Article 1: The Benefits of Connecting with Nature– Berkeley

Article 2: How Nature Makes You Kinder, Happier, and More Creative– Berkeley

Today I have grown taller from walking with the trees.” -Karle Wilson Baker