Imagine’s Core Values & Vision

imagine core valuesInspiring growth in transformative evidenced-based values, attributes and qualities to apply in our every day personal and community life. These values and qualities are, but not limited to, compassion, forgiveness, service, and wisdom. 


Article 1: Compassionate Mind, Healthy Body – Greater Good Science Berkeley

Article 2: Scientific Benefits of Self Compassion – Emma Seppala, Ph.D. Stanford


Article 1: The New Science of Forgiveness – Greater Good Science Berkeley

Article 2: Mayo Clinic Adult Health and In-Depth Forgiveness – Mayo Clinic


Article 1: Altruism – Greater Good Science Berkeley

Article 2: Mission and Vision – Compassion & Altruism Research-Stanford Medical

Article 3: Volunteering is Good for the Body and Mind – Harvard


Article 1: Building Resiliency – University of Massachusetts Medical Center – BHI

Article 2: Benefits of Sharing Your Story – Sherry Hamby, Ph.D. Research Professor