Intentional Gatherings

Confidants, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, relatives, spouses, and companions all provide a life-enhancing social net — and may increase longevity. It’s not clear why, but the buffering theory holds that people who enjoy close relationships with family and friends receive emotional support that indirectly helps to sustain them at times of stress and crisis.” -Harvard Health Publications – Harvard Medical School

An unlimited welcome under-girds everything that Imagine offers. The community points to Human Centered Design as a guide that informs all that we offer.

The power of intentional community provides a shared support system that medical science is proving has impact on physical and mental health.  Gathering to learn and cultivate stress reduction and self-awareness in classes, workshops and retreat settings provides opportunity to meet people who might share values and intention.

 Organic friendships and connections are happening all the time as people meet and share story and the gift of shared intention to find renewal and wellness through the practices we offer.

Beer, Conversation, and Spirituality

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This group is about sharing perspectives, listening, and learning from one another as we address questions about life, spirituality, purpose, faith, doubt, etc. Our goal is to learn from one another. We believe that every person is sacred and has something valuable to contribute to our conversations and our personal lives.

We will select 3 spiritual thought-provoking questions to discuss as a way of framing the evening’s discussion. You are still welcome to bring another question that the group can also consider addressing. We are about creating positive momentum in the community and the chance for all of us to work together for the common good, rather than seeing one another as opponents who need to be drawn into our own religious circle.

All are welcome to come as often as you like to the table for drink (alcohol or non-alcohol), food and of course, great conversation to learn from each other how we can keep practicing ways to honor each other for who and where we are.

We hope to see you!

CARE Support Group (See Event Registration)

This bi-weekly support group is designed for friends and family members who have a loved one with depression, anxiety or other mental health challenges.

There is no charge for this group as it is an outreach of Imagine Well Being Each session will be a stand-alone (you do not need to commit to every session) and friends are welcome to join at any time.

The group is designed to support family and friends with simple tools and skills in the evidenced-based tradition of mindfulness (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Reduction) .

The group will provide mindfulness skills and resources clinically proven to reduce stress in mind, body and soul along with the benefit of supportive community. It is not a therapy group but may have therapeutic benefits.

During our 90 minute gatherings we will experience:

Breathing skills to reduce stress
Mindfulness meditation practices
Gentle chair yoga (available to all ages)
Mindful listening skills
Personal reflection time
Resources and tools for daily use

CARE Support group celebrates an unlimited welcome to all people from every sexual orientation, gender identity, and faith tradition, including secular and humanist frameworks.

Seekers Anonymous (See Event Registration)

Imagine is pleased to announce the inaugural meetup of our sister group, “SEEKERS Anonymous – DC Metro”! Originally founded in 2016, SA shares Imagine’s vision of providing a safe, judgement-free space to discuss the “big questions” of life and spirituality. How did we get here? Is there a design or purpose behind the Universe? What is reality made of? Does my life have meaning? And who (if Anyone) is in charge of the whole thing?

For our 2019 season, we are introducing a new series called “Peeling the Cosmic Onion: A Journey of Spiritual Transformation”. Open to all, the series will follow a path of “Deconstructing” some of the harmful doctrines of ultra-conservative Western religion, and engage our minds in questioning the composition of our world, our Universe, and ultimately, even our perception of reality. In the second half of the season, we will discuss ways of “Reconstructing” a broader sense of spirituality that is fully open to questions and uncertainty, while embracing the mysteries of our wondrous Universe.

Please visit our website at for more information on the group’s purpose, principles and general expectations. We hope you will join us as we embark upon a unique journey of intellectual discovery and philosophical insight. If you would like to attend, you only need to register in one of the two Meetup groups in which this event is posted.