Our History


“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein

The Imagine Story

Four years ago a leadership team from Crossroads implemented the Human Design Thinking process created by IDEO to consider the social and spiritual needs of the local community.

The Human Design Thinking process included 3 months of interviews, ideation, feedback, and prototyping. The feedback suggested four prototypes: mindful meditation, nature walks, small informal spiritual conversations, and an online presence.


Imagine is guided by a Consultative Team that meets quarterly to review participation, learning outcomes and discern frameworks to multiply impact and resilience for the future.  This team meets annually with the Crossroads Discernment Team to share stories and evaluate outcomes and sustainability.

Imagine is supported as a service and learning gift to the community and region by Crossroads United Methodist Church.  The church building on Crossroads Drive in Ashburn is one of the gathering places for Imagine events, gatherings classes, and workshops.

We imagine that the world is transformed one person, family and community at a time through story sharing, community learning and contemplative, mindful practices including compassion, forgiveness, service and wisdom.


Cathy Norman is compensated for 15 hours a week for her work with Imagine overseeing administration, leadership development, programming and the retreat property.  She spends 20+ hours a week volunteering in her work with Imagine.

Jenny Bailey is compensated up to 10 hours per week as the Imagine Associate updating the web page and coordinating logistics for events, retreats and social media.  She spends many hours volunteering to support the Imagine community every week.