Core Workshops and Retreats

Imagine offers core workshops as central to mindful self-awareness and relationship skills, including personal values and purpose, in a supportive, welcoming community to integrate mind, body, and soul.

1. Imagine Nature & Life Story Core Workshop

An experience to grow in mindfulness, self-awareness and well being including:story2

  • guided mindfulness practices including Well Being in nature
  • a meditative hike on the Appalachian Trail with waterfall campfire
  • reflection on your life story integrating core values and purpose
  • Well Being Navigation Plan

2. Mindful Relationships Core Workshop

An experience to strengthen mindful self-awareness and relationships skills including:


  • guided mindfulness practices including Well Being in nature
  • a practicum in mindful self-awareness for mindful listening
  • guided community challenge in nature
  • conflict, self-awareness and safe conversations primer and modeling

3. Navigating Change Core Workshop

An experience designed to mindfully navigate transition and change including:


  • guided mindfulness practices including Well Being in nature
  • learn and experience basic orienteering on retreat property with a compass
  • mapping your major life transitions
  • finding soul bearings and community guidance during change

Seasonal Core Workshops

Designed to strengthen Mindful Well Being through the four seasons of nature including:


  • guided mindfulness practice for Well Being in Nature
  • seasonal poetry, photography and art
  • nature therapy meditative walk with nature sculpture
  • reflective practices: resting, journaling, art

Here are some examples of the seasonal retreats we offer:

Spring: What is “emerging or coming up” in my life and what do I need to “cultivate”?

Summer:  What “fruit” am I producing and what is the extended “light” revealing?

Fall:  What am I invited to “release” or “let go”?

Winter:  What needs to be “dormant” and what is the extended “darkness” revealing?

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