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The ancient practices of meditation, mindfulness and yoga were initially taught in a free and public forum with an understanding that these concepts and practices should be accessible to all. Imagine Well Being stands upon the shoulders of those who have generously shared such life-changing practices at no cost.

By training volunteer guides Imagine Well Being has created the “Imagine Well Being Corps” wherein people can share these timeless and evidence-based practices with friends, family and others so that the world may be changed one person, family and community at a time.


With the availability of the internet and the generosity of those volunteering to be part of the Imagine Well Being Corps, we envision a world where well-being is available to everyone.

Imagine Well Being’s foundational and basic training material is based on the Palouse Mindfulness Course in the tradition of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction out of the University of Massachusetts Medical School

Gratitude is offered to Dave Potter who has made this incredible material available to everyone at no charge. Imagine Well Being has explicit permission from Dave Potter to use this material for the training of volunteer guides.

Imagine Well Being acknowledges the importance of payment to wellness professionals for those who can afford to do so.

If you’d like to explore volunteering as part of the Well-Being Corps, please see our Volunteer page.